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Solar Benefits

Solar Benefits

Since 1975, Precise Air Systems has helped thousands of families achieve energy efficiency by installing high efficient air condition and heating units. Twenty-six (26) years later, Precise is still at it, except now, with solar energy.

We are firm believers that solar energy is the future and we pride ourselves to help each customer obtain their energy goals.

Solar Benefits

Solar has seen a 70% compound annual growth since 2010, with over 4GW installed in 2013. Indeed, preliminary numbers indicate that approximately 28% of all new US generation capacity installed in 2013 was from solar. Despite this growth, solar generation is still a small part of the overall generation mix. This holds true even for the states with the highest solar penetration.

  1. Lower or zero electricity bill
  2. Federal Tax credit
  3. Local rebates and Incentives
  4. Zero emissions, no greenhouse gasses
  5. Solar makes the “grid” more secure
  6. Saves you money, short and long term
  7. Increase property value
  8. Zero disturbance: noise, residence and wildlife
  9. Inexhaustible
  10. Dependable technology: 20-30 year warranty

On a per-kilowatt basis, solar power remains expensive relative to conventional sources of energy like coal and natural gas. Nevertheless, its overall cost continues to shrink at a rapid rate. As solar power becomes an increasingly important component of the country’s “energy mix,” it is worth taking a look at five major benefits of solar power.

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