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Solar Financing

Going solar can be very expensive – purchasing a system can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $60,000. There are financing options available to make solar energy more affordable for homeowners.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Precise Solar Energy allows you to go solar without any capital investment and potentially save money from day one.

No Capital Investment

Our Solar Power Purchase Agreement provides you with the opportunity to go solar without the upfront cost. We install and maintain the equipment on your site. With us, you pay only for the solar electricity you produce and use each month.

Reduce Operating Costs from Day One

When your business begins to generate its own solar power, your utility bill will drop significantly. The combination of your SolarPPA payment and reduced electricity bill is typically less than what you pay the utility company today. As utility rates continue to rise, your savings will grow every year.

“Walmart has reduced energy expenses by more than a million dollars through our solar program, allowing us to pass these savings on to our customers in the form of everyday low prices.”

— Kim Saylors-Laster, Walmart Vice President of Energy

Fully Leverage Government Incentives

Precise Solar Energy’s SolarPPA can take advantage of federal, state and local incentives, grant programs and depreciation. In some cases, Precise Solar Energy can help organizations qualify for energy efficiency-related incentives they couldn’t qualify for on their own.

Competitive Low Price

Precise Solar Energy’s experience installing multi-megawatt projects and our relationships with top equipment manufacturers and financial institutions allow us to pass our lower costs on to our customers. Our in-house design team and construction experience allow us to efficiently manage your solar system installation project without compromising quality or service.

PPA Includes Ongoing Monitoring

With our Solar Power Purchase Agreement, you do not need to worry about ongoing maintenance costs. Precise Solar Energy owns the equipment and is responsible for maintenance and repairs, so if issues arise, our service crews will get your system back online with minimal disruption.

Contact us for a free solar consultation and to obtain additional information about financing.