Monitoring energy usage can drastically affect your savings.

We encourage installing systems with full monitoring capabilities in order to ensure the best possible energy conservation.

Precise Solar Energy prides itself on customer satisfaction and therefore implemented a state of the art in-house monitoring system, giving you the peace of mind knowing your solar energy system is operating at its peak at all times.

Optional Monitoring Systems

Inverter direct monitoring

  • Provides customer and installer full view of inverter and module performance.
  • Simple network installation

Micro-Inverter monitoring:

  • System status indicator
  • View performance of individual solar panels
  • Compare performance per day, week, month or year
  • Enphase energy is the world’s leading micro inverter provider and most intelligent systems on the market today.

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String vs. Micro

A micro inverter provides exceptional service, detailed monitoring, 25-year warranty and unparalleled customer service & support. The installation and wiring of a micro inverter system allows for continued production in case a single panel goes out. (Parallel wiring)

A string inverter provides great service and production. The main drawback to a central inverter is in the Series wiring. The installation and wiring of a String (central) inverter does NOT allow for continued production in case a single panel goes out. Depending on how many panels are tied together, the entire string stops producing energy until the “ONE” bad module is replaced.

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