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Precise Solar Team

Precise Solar Energy, based in Los Angeles, California, is proud to be made up of some of the most talented experts in energy efficiency and solar power in CA.

Solar professionals and building science engineers are only part of the talented team we’ve put together, a team that now includes members in not just California, but nationwide. Our solar installers and energy efficiency experts have done extensive work across the Southwest, and our scope of work is constantly expanding.

A Dedicated Team of Solar Experts

At Precise Solar Energy, we exist to serve you and help you with whatever questions or concerns may arise, and we employee a crack team of professionals to be ready for you at a moment’s notice. Our team receives a continuing education on the latest technology and industry ins and outs so that we can be armed with the insider knowledge you need. Our team also loves to bring “local knowledge,” as well. We are familiar with the lay of the land when it comes to not just our industry, but the states where we do business.

Morever, every single one of our employees is passionate about renewable energy sources, and takes great pride in promoting environmental sustainability and safety in the home, workplace, and community at large. Giving back to the industry and community at large is also important for our employees: you can often find them organizing initiatives for workforce training and development, or providing advice to policymakers looking to expand the role of renewable energy and efficiency.

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